A public meeting of the Trust Board of Directors (Part A) will be held on Tuesday, 02 July 2019 at 10:00 am in the Lecture Theatre, Goole and District Hospital.

Agenda and papers

You can download and print the meeting agenda and associated papers from this page.

  • Agenda (100KB)
  • NLG(19)142 Updated Register of Director’s Interests (352KB)
  • NLG(19)143 To approve the minutes of the previous public meeting held on 7 May 2019 (669KB)
  • NLG(19)144 To approve the minutes of the Trust Board Self-Certification Event held on 30 May 2019 (485KB)
  • NLG(19)145 Trust Board Action Log – Public (335KB)
  • NLG(19)146 Division of Responsibilities between the Chair and Chief Executive (433KB)
  • NLG(19)147 Board Assurance Framework (800KB)
  • NLG(19)148 Integrated Performance Report (IPR) (2MB)
  • NLG(19)149 Finance and Performance Committee Highlight Report & Board Challenge – June 2019 (136KB)
  • NLG(19)150 Finance 2018 / 19 – Month 02 (709KB)
  • NLG(19)151 Cost Improvement Programme 2019/20 (174KB)
  • NLG(19)152 Quality & Safety Committee Highlight Report and Board Challenge – May and June 2019 (395KB)
  • NLG(19)153 Nursing Assurance Report (2MB)
  • NLG(19)154 7 Day Services (659KB)
  • NLG(19)155 Guardian of Safe Working (GoSW) Annual Report (517KB)
  • NLG(19)156 Workforce Transformation Committee Highlight Report & Board Challenge – June 2019 (187KB)
  • NLG(19)157 Monthly Staffing Report (708KB)
  • NLG(19)158 Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Quarterly Report (186KB)
  • NLG(19)159 Audit, Risk & Governance Committee Highlight Report & Board Challenge – May 2019 (91KB)
  • NLG(19)160 Health Tree Foundation Trustee’s Committee Highlight Report – June 2019 (95KB)
  • NLG(19)161 NHS Provider Licence: Final Board Self-certifications (356KB)
  • NLG(19)162 Audit, Risk & Governance Committee Terms of Reference – Revised (651KB)
  • NLG(19)163 Equality & Diversity Annual Report (505KB)
  • NLG(19)164 Workforce Race Equality Report (678KB)
  • NLG(19)165 Workforce Disability Equality Report (373KB)
  • NLG(19)166 Travel Plan (6MB)
  • NLG(19)167 Regional Pharmacy Supply Chain Collaboration (911KB)
  • NLG(19)168 Health Tree Foundation Trustees’ Committee Terms of Reference (119KB)
  • Appendix A