Supporting charities

We are delighted to have number passionate individuals and groups raising funds and volunteering on our behalf to register your fundraising efforts or activity please contact us for an official letter of authority.

League of Friends

The League of Friends is a voluntary organisation raising funds on behalf of local hospitals. For our Trust we have three leagues, one for each hospital.

League members are all volunteers, from all walks of life and age groups each bringing varied skills, useful contacts and ideas giving their valuable time and services. They raise funds by organising events such as the hospital gala, cheese and wine evenings, race nights, craft fairs, car boot sales and raffles to name but a few. They also receive legacies and donations from members of the public who have held their own events including coffee mornings, sponsored walks and bike rides.

The Scunthorpe league was formed in 1948, the Grimsby league came into being in 1956. Back then The NHS was in its infancy and even then it was realised that government funds could not provide all amenities and comforts for patients and staff. In the early years the leagues provided things like newspapers, chocolates, sweets, flowers and vases, water jugs and curtains for the wards. In recent years the leagues have donated much bigger items, including thousands of pounds worth of medical equipment and they’ve funded room refurbishments for patients. The leagues also support special appeals when public funds are not immediately available. The Scunthorpe league alone has raised more than a million pounds for the hospital over the years.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Interest Group (CRIG)

Cleethorpes Cancer Support Group

If you wish to get in touch with any of these organisations please contact the Health Tree Foundation, we would be more than happy to introduce you.