Improving Together

The Improving Together programme replaces our CQC action plan and will bring together everything we are doing in terms of quality, access and flow, culture and OD and sustainability.

Rather than the traditional CQC action plan we are pulling actions from the reports into an over-arching improvement programme which also includes our existing sustainability programme. We want to make quality improvement part of daily business for each and every one our staff members.

We can’t make all these improvements alone as our hospitals and services are part of a wider health system. So we will continue working together with our partners in the NHS and social care, through the sustainability and transformation plan, to find new ways to develop safe, high quality, and affordable health and care services for local people.

Improving Together has five key workstreams:

Improving quality

Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do. This work stream will see the development of a safety culture, allowing quality improvement activities to be undertaken within the organisation, leading to improvement of patient outcomes and experience.

Patient access and flow

If we can improve patient flow through our hospitals the result will be fewer out-of-hours bed transfers, a clear criteria for ward admissions, better flow through A&E, the achievement of our Trust targets for things like four hour waits and ultimately an improved patient experience

Improving OD and culture

Our staff are the key to everything we do. This work stream will pull together a series of activities aimed at improving staff engagement, transforming leadership in the organisation and supporting an aspirational organisational development and culture. By improving staff experience we will be able to retain more staff and see improved outcomes for our patients


The NHS as a whole is facing a financial challenge but with the Trust being placed in financial special measures the spotlight is very much on us and our finances. Sustainability has to be about how we provide quality services for our patients, but we must do that within our budget otherwise we won’t be able to sustain them for the future.

Service strategy