Meet the Council of Governors

    Our Council of Governors represent the interests of local communities, partners and staff in the development of our organisation.

    Governors are the link between our members and directors; they are responsible for conveying information from the Trust Board to members about affordability, service plans and health improvement initiatives. Our Council of Governors has both elected and nominated governors:

    • Public governors are elected by public members
    • Staff governors are elected by staff members
    • Stakeholder governors are nominatecd by partner organisations including GP providers, commissioners, local authorities and medical schools.
    • Governor documents

    If you want to get in touch with one of your local governors please contact our membership office.

    Public governors

    Jeremy Baskett - East and West Lindsey

    “I will use my many years of both clinical and managerial NHS experience to ensure the public voice is heard.” The next few years will see considerable changes in the NHS local service provision. With increasing demand on services and a tightening financial allocation for both the NHS and social care, we need to ensure continuing closer working between social and health care organisations to protect our local services.

    I want to ensure the public voice for East and West Lindsay residents is heard loud and clear within the Hospital Foundation Trust to ensure that the health services we receive locally through the hospital trust are not diluted and that proposed changes to hospital services fully involve local people My wide experience in working in the NHS as a clinician and as a senior service manager has given me a very good understanding of both health and social care services. Also my family are users of the local services so I have first-hand experience.

    In my NHS career I have worked in both the hospitals and community health services and been successful in bringing about service improvements and passionate about the public being involved in decision making for their local NHS services. I am a good communicator, which I think is essential for the role together with broad mindedness and a high degree of inquisitiveness. These skills together with experience of managing and understanding NHS and social care finances will help me to ensure local people’s views are heard.

    Vancancy - East and West Lindsey

    To follow.

    Janthea Capitani - Goole & Howdenshire

    Janthea was born in Goole and has spent most of her life in the area. Janthea wants very much to help local people to become motivated and to understand what is happening to their own health care facilities and needs in a plainly spoken and understandable manner. Janthea’s chosen vocation from childhood was always to be a nurse. Recently Janthea has retired after 34 years working in the N.H.S. in many changing nursing roles and specialties but primarily in Goole Hospitals both old and new. Janthea feel these years worked in a caring vocation have provided her with a wide insight of past and present healthcare provision in the local area. Janthea sincerely hopes that this will enable her to make a contribution to safer healthcare future for all the people who need it.

    Rob Pickersgill - Goole & Howdenshire

    Rob is an Economist and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy and has held senior financial and managerial posts in Local Government, Further and Higher Education and the Financial Services sector. Rob is now Managing Director of a local manufacturing company. He is deeply concerned about potential changes to the NHS and wants to understand more fully the nature of the financial and structural challenges faced by the sector as a whole and by NLaG in particular.

    Barbara Jeffreys - Goole & Howdenshire

    As an NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist, now retired, I can offer some insights into providing for the growing complex needs of our community. I care passionately about ensuring the improvement of access and quality of NHS services across all our community. In particular, I am keen to promote the Trust and ensure that people are aware of the help available and the means to access it. From a perspective of providing front line adult mental health services for 35 years, covering neurological and psychological medical issues, I can offer a level of insight and knowledge into the development and provision of health care needs for the Goole and Howdenshire communities. My clinical experience covers working in the prison services, drug and alcohol abuse issues, physical and learning disability issues, Acquired Brain Injury disorders and rehabilitation and the Armed Forces in the treatment of PTSD, also known as Combat Stress. I am also experienced in working in the field of Psychological Medicine which included stroke, cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain.

    I am experienced in team management, meeting targets and undertaking quality care and audit reports. I understand the importance of good governance and accountability and the need for effective communication to promote a positive outcome within a team environment.

    Jeff Shaw - North East Lincolnshire

    Jeff has always lived in North East Lincolnshire and was employed by the ambulance service for more than 30 years in various positions. Jeff retired last year from his position as patient services manager, which gave him a lot of experiences and knowledge of the NHS to bring with him. Jeff is standing for a further term as he feels he still has a lot to offer the Trust. Jeff’s main aim would be to try and engage with more members as he feels there are a lot of people who still do not know how the Trust works and operates.

    Liz Stones - North East Lincolnshire

    Liz was born in Grimsby and worked in the local NHS for 43 years before retiring in 2011. She started her nursing career in 1968 and worked in the clinical field as a ward manager and matron before moving into managerial roles including assistant divisional manager for surgery and critical care and deputy director for patient services at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital. After retiring she joined the management committee of CRUSE bereavement care in a voluntary capacity. Throughout Liz’ career, her main aim was always to ensure patient care was paramount. Her managerial role within the Trust has given me the experience within budgetary management, service delivery, managing change, problem solving, clinical governance and meeting local and government targets. Liz feels she has good communication skills, empathy and integrity and strongly believes the views of the service users should be sought in helping determine patient satisfaction and good outcomes. As a Foundation Trust we have the ability to help mold the future for our area and I feel that my experience within the local NHS can help achieve this.

    Brian Page - North East Lincolnshire

    Brian is semi-retired and has spent the last 24 years of his full-time working life in Senior Management roles in Training and Development, Workforce and Human Resource departments of the local council and latterly the NHS. Brian became a Governor so that he can assist in making ongoing improvements to the quality of provision in the NLaG Trust. Brian currently sits on the Parish Council for New Waltham. Presently he runs a small business involved in supplying training and assessment within Social Care, Health and Well Being which also includes tai-chi and chair based exercise classes. Brian participates in weekly sessions as a volunteer for Older People’s Health & Well Being Collaborative and also the Alzheimer’s Society, and also provides health improvement talks for older people’s groups.

    Ian Reekie - North East Lincolnshire

    Following his retirement as North Lincolnshire Council’s Director of Leisure, Ian was appointed in 2008 as a non-executive director of North Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust. Following the abolition of the PCT in 2013 he took on the role as the lay member responsible for patient and public engagement on the governing body of North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

    Ian’s principal interests are public/population health and the quality/safety of healthcare provision. He is a longstanding NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) lay member and currently serves on the Quality Standards Advisory Committee.

    Ian has lived in Cleethorpes since 2012 having previously been a resident of Barton-upon-Humber for over 30 years.

    Julie Grimmer - North East Lincolnshire

    I have recently retired from the NHS after 46 years of rewarding experience. During that time, I have worked across the acute, community and voluntary sectors, gaining experience in quality improvement, risk management and community engagement.

    My aim as a governor is to continue supporting the local health service by utilising my wide network of contacts to represent the views of local people. I have a broad perspective of how the Trust operates and the challenges that are faced, and I will utilise my skills and experience to challenge appropriately, to ensure that the quality and safety of services are meeting the required standards.

    Maureen Dobson - North Lincolnshire

    Maureen has 48 years’ experience working as a nurse in the NHS and as a nurse advisor in the private sector providing occupational health and safety to industry. She has seen the changes in nurse training and in hospital management at all levels and departments and having experienced treatment as an inpatient and an outpatient at Scunthorpe, Goole and Grimsby hospitals she can see how things are on both sides of the fence.

    Paul Grinell - North Lincolnshire

    Paul is a passionate supporter of the N.H.S. nationally and our own Foundation Trust in particular. Paul believes that for the most part, our Trust delivers high quality healthcare to the communities of Northern Lincolnshire and Goole but there is always scope for improvement. Paul believes there are difficult times ahead, with a need to maintain and improve the quality of our care whilst making efficiency savings to keep Trust finances in order. Paul works tirelessly with his fellow governors and the management of the Trust to achieve these joint aims. Paul currently chairs a number of the governor sub-committees and also sits on some Trust committees which deal with operational matters. Paul also enjoys an excellent working relationship with the executive and non-executive members of the board of directors and with the Trust management in general giving him considerable insight into the affairs of the organisation. Paul was delighted to be elected by Trust members in North Lincolnshire for a third term of office in November 2015 and was elected by his fellow governors to the role of lead governor.

    John Balderson - North Lincolnshire

    To follow.

    Vacancy - North Lincolnshire

    Vacancy - North Lincolnshire

    Staff governors

    Tony Whyte - Staff Governor

    Tony works in our Trust’s Occupational Health department across our 3 hospital sites. In his role he has the opportunity to work with staff through many of the areas of services provided which has given him an understanding of some of the stresses and issues affecting his colleagues across the board. It provides Tony with the opportunity to see what staff members believe is working well in the processes they are involved in and what can be improved. Tony feels privileged to have this insight into the workings of the Trust which is why he feels able to truly represent staff, the Trust and the Community we serve to deliver our ‘Vision and Values’. Tony qualified as a physiotherapist 18 years ago and has worked in the NHS and private healthcare industry and elite sport settings. Tony has developed excellent communication skills, works in a logical manner, used to timescales, has strong prioritisation skills, all of which have been enhanced with his journey into fatherhood. Tony has held additional roles including being a harassment contact officer and manual handling trainer. Tony has a holistic approach to problem solving and is always open to other ideas. Tony is confident to ask questions, keen to receive constructive criticism, resilient enough to stand up for what he believe in and enjoys a challenge!

    Andy Karvot - Staff Governor

    As a staff governor, I aim to do my utmost to help the Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust meet the health care needs of local people and care for its staff.
    By having a greater understanding of the challenges the Trust faces in meeting the health care needs of the local population, within the current financial and political climate, I will be better placed to represent and support the public, staff and the Trust.
    Striving to maintain and improve quality is a key driver for me, and the governor role empowers me to challenge and strengthen the Trust through the work of the Council of Governors and Trust Board. This will help to ensure that service provision is available to its fullest extent, at the best value-for-money.
    As a senior health care professional, I understand many of the challenges that the Trust faces in trying to deliver health services to its local population, within a finite budget. With 36 years NHS experience, I have a good knowledge of how it has worked and changed over this time and will put this to optimum use to ensure its successful future.

    Tim Mawson - Staff Governor

    As a staff Governor I am passionate about assisting the Trust to provide the best, safest and most up to date patient healthcare.

    I have been in healthcare the vast majority of my working life and I am passionate about providing the best possible quality of care to our local community. I believe staff have a pivotal role in ensuring this happens. As a staff Governor I will be well-placed in my working life to relate strategic issues to staff and also communicate the concerns and thoughts of the staff to other Governors.

    I am very proud of our Trust and am pleased to be more involved with this excellent organisation as a Governor. Having worked in Radiology for 23 years, the last 13 years being at Grimsby hospital where I manage the General Radiology Department providing x-ray and interventional imaging for the hospital and local community. I have been involved in many large equipment replacement projects and also participate in the Clinical support services Governance and Business meetings. I am Chairman of the Trusts Medical Exposures Committee which oversees all Trusts legal radiation issues. I lead the Radiology national benchmarking scheme which compares statistical information across 100 different Trusts and I am also a voluntary Technical Assessor for the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

    I have attended the United Kingdom Radiology Congress for 5 out of the last 6 years. I communicate effectively at any level and have developed excellent networking skills which will also equip me to be an effective Governor.

    Elaine Coghill - Staff Governor

    Stakeholder governors

    Alex Seale - North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group

    To follow.

    Councilor Debbie Rodwell - North East Lincolnshire Council

    Eddie McCabe - North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group

    Eddie McCabe is currently the Assistant Director of Contracting & Performance at North East Lincolnshire CCG. Eddie is a qualified accountant and started to work for the NHS at Scunthorpe Community Trust in 1993 as Financial Manager. In 1999 he moved into commissioning at South Humber Health Authority working on Primary Care Commissioning, transferring to the North East Lincolnshire PCT in Grimsby in 2001.

    Eddie has held various senior roles within finance and commissioning, including a period at North Yorkshire & Humber Health Authority, before returning to North East Lincolnshire to work on GP contract development and primary care in 2004. With the development of the Care Trust in 2007, Eddie moved into commissioning taking on responsibility for contracting and finance for both Health and Adult social care. Since the start of the CCG in 2013, Eddie moved to take on the portfolio for finance contacting and procurement adding more recently the performance team into his responsibility. Eddie has a particular interest in training and development, supporting a number of trainees through the years. Eddie is originally from Scunthorpe and lives in the town today.

    Vacancy - North Lincolnshire Council

    Governor documents

    Register of Governors Interests 2017 (223kb)
    In order to view PDF documents you will need Adobe PDF Reader