Our plans for the future

The Trust has exciting plans to build new A&E departments (Emergency Departments) at both Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby and at Scunthorpe General Hospital.

  • At Grimsby the new build is planned to be around 2,255 square metres, which includes mechanical and electrical plant space, built out from the current A&E department.
  • In Scunthorpe the new build is planned for around 2,178 square metres, which includes mechanical and electrical plant space, built on an area of land which is currently a car park and an office block on the Cliff Gardens side of the hospital.

You can see more on the designs and the planned building locations on the dedicated pages for each hospital.

Subject to planning permission being approved, once the new buildings are constructed and open the Trust is planning to use the current A&E department space to house a new service called Acute Assessment Units. This new service will mean patients can be seen more quickly and by specialists in a range of conditions and illnesses and will not need admitting onto a ward for treatment.

The new buildings have been designed by nursing and clinical teams to provide the very best care and service, both now and the future, and include:

  • An increased waiting area to cope with demand and social distancing requirements
  • A dedicated play area that is of sufficient size for our younger patients
  • An increased number of cubicles which will be designed to enable flexible use to manage surges in patient attendance between different types of patients depending on their needs
  • A dedicated ambulance bay which will reduce the time required for ambulances staff to get patients into the hospital
  • New car parking facilities are also being proposed to replace the spaces being taken up with the new buildings at both sites.