First patient undergoes X-ray in new facilities at Goole

The first patient to be seen in the new state-of-the-art X-ray room at Goole and District Hospital says the facilities are ‘top class’.

New digital X-ray equipment has been installed and one of the two X-ray rooms on site has been fully refurbished thanks to a £330,000 injection of capital funding.

Building work started in February and the first patient, Katie Frith, 24 and from Howden, underwent a chest X-ray this morning.

radiographer stands with patient wearing a gown in front of an xray machine

Katie being prepped for her X-ray by radiographer Dianne Fox

Katie is now a teacher but was formerly a nurse and spent some of her time training at the hospital. She said: “Having been in for an X-ray before I can see the new facilities are much improved, and this is great news for Goole. I found the environment to be airy and light and a friendly space that really puts you at ease as a patient.”

patient with flowers standing in a n xray room with two members of staff

Katie Frith was the first patient to undergo an X-ray in the new room. Ruth Kent, divisional head of clinical support services (right) and Keiley Somers, head of general radiology for Goole, (left) presented her with flowers to mark the occasion

Katie, who was also presented with flowers in recognition of her being the first patient to undergo an X-ray, recognised the Radiographer Dianne, as she has X-rayed her before!

The new technology not only speeds up examinations with staff able to see the images on screen instantly, but they are also of a much higher quality too. It means the whole process from scan to diagnosis is more efficient for patients and they are also subject to lower levels of radiation.

As well as the digital X-ray machine being installed, the whole room has had a refurbishment with new flooring, lighting and screens installed.

members of clinical staff stood wearing masks in an eray room

Staff in the refurbished room with the new digital X-Ray machine

Keiley Somers, head of general radiology for Goole, said: “We are absolutely delighted that we are now able to offer Goole patients access to digital X-ray technology, which is the gold standard for general imaging, in what is a bright and welcoming environment. The new facilities really are first class and are a big improvement for both the staff working here and the patients coming in for X-rays.”

Approximately 650 patients will be using the new X-ray room each month.

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