Free hospital parking for disabled drivers starts from Monday

Disabled drivers will benefit from free parking at their local hospital starting from Monday 26 April.

Blue badge holders parking at Grimsby, Goole and Scunthorpe hospitals will no longer be charged to park giving free parking for those who need it the most.

Also benefitting are frequent outpatient attenders.

Jug Johal, director of estates and facilities, at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust, said: “For a long time now we have offered a low fixed rate tariff fee for disabled drivers but from April 26 we are implementing free parking for blue badge holders at our three hospitals.

“Our car parks operate using automatic number plate recognition technology so patients and visitors who are already registered on our systems won’t need to do anything to claim the concession, the barrier will simply lift for them, there is no need to visit the pay station.”

Anyone who is not on the system needs to follow the instructions below.

Cancer patients attending for a course of treatment, those visiting for prolonged visits with a patient who is at the end of their life and parents staying with a sick child overnight can already claim free parking and will continue to be able to.

Staff parking continues to be free during the pandemic, but when charges do get re-instated disabled staff members will be able to claim free parking, and night shift workers will also get discounted parking.

How to claim each concession

Blue badge holders: patients and visitors who have already registered their blue badge with the car parking team will not need to do anything. If people have not registered yet they need to email with their name, blue badge number (and a copy of the front and back of the blue badge) and their vehicle registration number. Staff parking is currently free but when they are re-instated disabled staff will also be able to register for free parking. Staff do not need to do anything yet as staff parking remains free during the pandemic.

Frequent outpatient attenders: This applies to patients who have to attend hospital for an appointment at least three times within a month and for an overall period of at least three consecutive months. Those eligible can pick up a claim form from the Car Parking and Security Offices on site. They will need to keep hold of their receipts and put a claim in retrospectively outlining which department they attended on which date. This starts from the end of April, so the earlier that patients will be able to claim is in August for the period May – July.

Parents staying with a sick child overnight, cancer patients and those visiting for prolonged visits with a patient who is at the end of their life: these concessions are already offered by the Trust. Ward managers, or their deputies, can provide a letter detailing the reason for the concession which needs to be emailed to the Car Parking and Security team on