You are my hero: nurse thanks consultant who saved her NHS career

A fall from a horse nearly put paid to the career of an A&E nurse after she sustained a horrendous injury to her arm.

Mr Mustafa Javed and staff nurse/trauma co-ordinator Sharon Bromby

It is thanks to orthopaedic surgeons Mr Mustafa Javed and Mr Aravind Desaci that she is back to work on the frontline at Scunthorpe hospital.

Staff nurse and trauma co-ordinator Sharon Bromby took a tumble back in August 2017 when she was having her first ever riding lesson. “I landed in a heap and just couldn’t move as the pain was so bad. I could feel the bones crunching and was struggling to stay alert and awake,” she said.

Her friends, who work in x-ray, looked after her until the ambulance arrived and put her arm in a sling.

She was brought into Scunthorpe A&E. Sharon said: “It certainly puts a different perspective on things when you are the patient and not the nurse providing care.”

She was kept in overnight to try and manage her pain, and was discharged the following day with a brace on her arm to see if it would self heal. However, eight weeks later the bones were still severely displaced.

Sharon said: “I was in agony, the pain was just unbelievable. I couldn’t sleep or do anything. I was suddenly totally reliant on my husband. He had to wash, dress and even feed me. I was really worried as it wasn’t healing.

“I have never had a day off in my life. It was a terrifying time. I didn’t know when I would be well enough to return, if at all due to the severity of the injury. I love my job and that is all I wanted to do, get back to the department and my patients.”

In stepped Mr Javed. Within a week Sharon was in surgery having the bone plated and pinned. She said: “I still faced weeks of physiotherapy but I knew I was on the mend.”

Sharon returned to work in January. “The team in A&E have been wonderful. They have supported me every step of the way and even now understand that pushing a trolley with a patient on is not something I can do.

“Mr Javed was absolutely amazing. He is my hero. I didn’t think I would be able to return to the job I love but it is thanks to him that I am back on the frontline.”

Mr Javed said it was an extremely complex fracture and he had to call on Mr Desai to help with the four hour procedure. He said: “It was a career ending injury as it was multi-level in that it affected the joint above as well as the entire arm bone. It was technically challenging.

“Even afterwards this type of fracture can take a long time to heal, if at all. Thankfully there was a good outcome for Sharon but it could have been a different story. I am just so pleased that the orthopaedics team were able to help in getting Sharon back to work helping other patients.”

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