New beds and chairs thanks to £20,000 donations

Parents and relatives with children in Grimsby hospital can now stay overnight and comfort their young children thanks to £20,000 in donations from members of the public and businesses.

Play specialist Gemma Cade, healthcare assistant Charlotte Jenner and play specialist Paula Staines with one of the new beds and chairs.

The Health Tree Foundation (HTF) – the hospital’s official charity – launched the parent bed appeal last year to provide eight beds and 13 chairs on the Rainforest Ward which will enable those staying overnight with their children to be more comfortable. The target was set at £20,000.

It came as the result of a ‘wish’ to the charity from Paula Staines, a play worker on Rainforest Ward. This is where people can ask the charity for money to be spent on for something in the hospital that will benefit patients. The charity’s appeals ask for donations to make these things possible.

Paula said parents or relatives are encouraged to stay overnight with their children.

She said: “We did not have the facilities for parents to sleep comfortably before. We needed to fundraise to get the money for this equipment and staff got involved too. We did various different things such as cake sales, raffles, a fashion show and a tuck shop. Over time, we have chipped away at it.

“We needed some beds as some of the rooms are not big enough to put a reclining sleeping bed in them. We have had so much support and we are so proud and chuffed. We have also had some really good feedback from the parents.”

The beds and chairs are now being used and the feedback has been very positive.

One mum said: “The chairs are so comfortable and spacious. You can pull out just the bottom part to just rest your feet up and put the chair in various reclining positions, which is great when you have a baby or toddler that falls asleep on you.”

Another parent said: “It’s great that the reclining chairs go totally flat like a bed which makes it so much easier to get quality sleep even during the day you are able to get your head down if your child is having a nap.”

A number of businesses, staff and people in the community donated towards the appeal.

Katie Hubbert, HTF Community Champion at Grimsby hospital, said: “We are delighted we have been able to raise this money which will be hugely beneficial to families of children who are on Rainforest Ward.

“Thank you so much to all of the people who have donated money to the appeal. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

The parent bed appeal is now closed but people are welcome to donate to Rainforest Ward. For more information, visit

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