New pre-assessment room opens at Grimsby hospital

A new children’s pre-assessment room has opened at Grimsby hospital today funded entirely by donations.

Staff and volunteers have been working hard getting the room ready ahead of its official opening which took place today (Thursday 21 February) in the Child Development Centre (CDC).

Staff from the hospital and children from St James’ School at the official opening of the pre-assessment room today.

Pre-assessment is currently carried out in children’s outpatients in a consulting room. The new room will free up this space and increase clinic capacity.
Art teacher Charlotte Eames and pupils from St James’ School in Grimsby have helped paint the room, which will be used as an area for parents to discuss what is going to happen to their child, ask questions and alleviate any fears they might have.
Work started around four weeks ago and the estimated cost of donated materials and labour is about £2,000.

Pre-assessment takes place a few weeks before the patient’s surgery/procedure. This new room is a relaxing area for children and their parents and has colourful artwork including a bear-themed wall.

Team leader of children’s outpatients Sharon Dobson said: “We were originally going to develop this room as a doctor’s consultant room. This was an empty room for a long time and we wanted to put this to good use, making the child’s pre-assessment experience as enjoyable and informative as possible. We are really grateful to the local businesses which have helped us.”

The following donations were received:

• St James’ School donated £60 for a sign for the door
• Paint was donated by Crown Paints, Grimsby
• The team received donations of children’s furniture and a doll’s house from WoodyGoody
• Smyths Toys donated dolls
• Asda provided equipment for the doll’s house
• Operating department practitioner Claire Major built an MRI scanner out of Lego
• £50 was donated from AP Robinson & Co to pay for a Playmobil hospital and educational books

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