New specialist joins Scunthorpe hospital

A new consultant has joined Scunthorpe hospital and is looking forward to working with patients’ and their families in helping to transform lives.

Mr Murthy Nyasavajjala

Mr Murthy Nyasavajjala, consultant general surgeon with a specialist interest in upper gastrointestinal (GI) surgery, specialises in surgery of the gall bladder, oesophagus, stomach and small bowel.

As well as providing general upper GI surgery such as gall bladder removals, surgery for gastro-oesophageal reflux, giant hiatus hernia repairs and insertion of nutritional feeding tubes, he also specialises in bariatric surgery and cancer surgery.

He has joined Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust after completing his training in Leicester and a fellowship in Birmingham. Talking about what attracted him to Scunthorpe he said: “People, inside and out of work, have been so welcoming. I was so impressed with the colleagues I will be working with, and everyone seems so lovely, friendly and happy to help.

“People have time for each other in the hospital and that is a real asset, as it gives you a real sense of belonging. I also found Northern Lincolnshire to be a beautiful area with lots of open spaces which makes it a great place for families with children.”

He decided at the age of nine that he wanted to join the medical profession as he wanted to help people. He moved from his home in Hyderabad to begin his studies in 1996 at the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune in India. He came to the UK in 2003 where he undertook training in Liverpool, did research in Derby, carried out his higher training in Leicester and completed his fellowship last year.

He said the complexity of the surgery attracted him to specialise in upper GI, as surgeons often have to open the abdomen, chest and neck to successfully treat cancer patients. In the majority of cases he undertakes keyhole surgery as it is less invasive.

Mr Nyasavajjala said: “People have smaller scars, there is less pain and it is less invasive, which means patients can return to normal life faster.”

He said: “Patients are sometimes under your care for the rest of their lives and they literally put their lives in your hands. It is therefore extremely important to invest time in getting to know your patients, and their families.

“Managing a patient’s condition, operating on them successfully and being able to transform their life provides the incentive for getting up every day and coming to work.”

Mr Nyasavajjala is the upper GI surgeon in Scunthorpe, he joins Mr Sushil Rekhraj and Mr Mike Tilston, who both work at Grimsby hospital.

When not at work Mr Nyasavajjala enjoys singing and learning Carnatic music, Formula 1 races and spending his time with his young family of three children and a very patient wife.

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