People asked to wear a red dot as part of national awareness event

A local nurse is helping to put the area on the map when it comes to preventing and treating pressure ulcers.

Alison Schofield is pictured handing out red dots to tissue viability nurses Judy Barnard and Carole Linfoot, ward 16 sister Sara Storrs and staff nurse Carol Allan

Alison Schofield, lead tissue viability nurse and matron for pressure ulcer prevention, has played an integral part in developing a new national campaign – ‘Stop the Pressure’ – working alongside NHS Improvement (NHSI).

It is being launched on the worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day which is being held on Thursday November 15. The objective is to increase awareness for pressure injury prevention and to educate the public.

The aim is to get people to wear a red dot signifying a pressure ulcer.

Alison said: “Pressure ulcers impact on patient’s lives greatly and the majority can be prevented with early identification of risks. It is down to all of us – patients, families, carers and healthcare professionals – to help prevent them from occurring.

“We want as many people as possible to wear a red dot on Thursday to show they care about pressure ulcer prevention.”

Pressure ulcers can affect anyone from newborns to those at the end of life. They can cause significant pain and distress for patients. They can contribute to longer stays in hospital, increasing the risk of complications, including infection and they also cost the NHS in the region of more than £1.4 million every day. And most are preventable.

Alison said: “Wear a red dot anywhere on your body a pressure ulcer may appear. The red dot is a simple symbol that we hope will bring attention nationally to the impact of pressure ulcers and enable health professionals to continue the conversation around prevention.”

Alison worked alongside NHS Improvement’s chief nurse Ruth May and other nurses from across the country on the campaign. She said: “I am absolutely passionate about prevention and appropriate treatment, so to be involved in a national campaign has been a real honour.”

The Trust is also running a Stop the Pressure day on Friday November 16 in Grimsby for trust staff. It will see nurses and healthcare assistants gather for a series of mini workshops, as well as looking at the latest equipment, dressings and technology.

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