Virtual reality technology coming to Disney

A teenager called on the help of her friends to raise money for the children’s’ ward at Scunthorpe hospital.

Senior healthcare assistant Daniel Ryder and children’s community nurse Sarah Ladds are pictured receiving the donation from Ellie, Ellie, Molly and Faith.

Ellie has been a patient on the Disney ward for the last four-and-a-half years and as a goodbye wanted to raise money for the team who has helped her.

Ellie, together with 14 of her friends, took part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) project and set her sights on raising enough money to buy a virtual reality headset for the ward.

They raised £400 after a sponsored fancy dress walk and swim, as well as collecting donations from a bake sale they held in Scunthorpe’s Central Park.

Ellie said: “We walked about eight miles in the sweltering heat in fancy dress and between us swam the equivalent length of 120 football pitches.”

The virtual reality headset will help to distract youngsters on the children’s ward who are about to undergo medical procedures as part of their treatment.

Daniel Ryder, advanced healthcare assistant, and who has helped to care for Ellie, said: “It can be hard for children coming into hospital who feel a bit anxious about their treatment, such as a blood test or other painful procedures. The headset can be used to distract them and give them something fun and exciting to look at while they’re undergoing the procedure.”

Ellie added: “I know something like this would have helped me when I was having weekly blood tests. I would have loved it as it would have helped to take my mind off what was happening.”

The money has gone to the hospital’s official charity, The Health Tree Foundation, which will now look to buy the equipment as soon as it can for the ward.

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