Wards at Goole and District Hospital

We now operate extended visiting hours on many of our wards but please be aware that you may be asked to leave during meal times, which are protected, or while essential care is being provided to the patient you are visiting.

For each ward there are two phone numbers- a geographical direct dial and a new 03 number. These 03 numbers will eventually replace the 01405 and 01724 numbers

 Ward Speciality Visiting times Contact details
Brain injury unit Brain injury  Contact the unit  03033 304650
3 Medicine 1pm to 8pm 03033 304008
5/6 Surgery 1pm to 8pm Ward 5 03033 304112

Ward 6

03033 304114

Ward 7 – day surgery Surgery 1pm to 8pm  03033 304123
MIU Medicine N/A Nurses Station

03033 304030


03033 304987