Children's occupational therapy

Occupational therapists see children with a wide variety of conditions which can affect their everyday skills, learning, social opportunities and independence.

These include:

      • Complex physical and learning needs
      • Epilepsy
      • Autism
      • Cerebral palsy
      • Delayed development
      • Motor co-ordination difficulties e.g. Developmental Coordination Disorder
      • Degenerative conditions
      • Problems resulting from a serious injury or medical event.

We work closely with the child or young person, their family and other professionals involved. We offer specialist assessment and advice and a range of interventions which include:

  • Individual advice and therapy programmes for parents and nursery or school staff to carry out eg to help a child learn to dress or feed themselves and to improve handwriting
  • Expertise in the provision of specialist equipment to support children with physical disabilities in all aspects of their life e.g. seating and hoists
  • Expertise in adapting the children’s environments at home and at school to support their care and independence eg getting up stairs, using the bathroom, participating in lessons.
  • A motor skills programme, delivered through school staff, to support children with motor co-ordination problems eg Developmental Coordination Disorder.

Our involvement can extend across home and school and involve liaison with a wide variety of other professionals eg the Home Improvement Team in the council, medical staff and other health professionals, social workers and school staff.

We provide services across North and North East Lincolnshire, please go to the page for your area for further information.