Critical care outreach

This small team of specialist nurses provide care to critically ill patients and give support and expert advice to the staff who are caring for them.

They attend emergency situations in the hospital including cardiac arrests and severe asthma attacks. A major part of their role is identifying deteriorating patients and providing advice to staff in their treatment. This service provides specialist advice and skills in identifying patients who are at risk of, or who are deteriorating.

The team aim to:

  • Provide expert professional advice and skills in identifying patients at risk and initiating treatment in advanced system support
  • Act as a role model in achieving excellence in the care of critically ill patients regardless of location
  • Provide education, training and development to staff
  • Avert admissions to the intensive care unit by identifying patients who are deteriorating and either helping to prevent admission or ensuring that admission to a critical care bed happens in a timely manner to ensure best outcome
  • Enable discharges by supporting the continuing recovery of patients discharged from ICU to the ward.

“Hardworking, helpful and proactive; they are a valuable resource in helping us to care for patients and family in crisis.”

Staff member