Immunology and allergy

The immunology service provides general immunology and allergy clinics for adults across Northern Lincolnshire. A dedicated team of consultant immunologists and clinical nurse specialists see patients with a wide range of disorders, and are linked into the wider network of clinics across the Trent region.

The team work with paediatricians and paediatric immunologists and allergists as children move to adult care. Our clinics deal with many different disorders, including:

  • immunodeficiency (excessive numbers of infections)
  • allergies and anaphylaxis
  • autoimmune diseases.

Patients are seen by consultant staff and specialist nurses, with some clinics run by specialist nurses for patient assessment and advice. Day case therapies are given on the day unit under the advice of the specialist nurses, who also train selected patients to give their own treatments at home. The service is part of the Trent Regional Immunology and Allergy Consortium (TRIAC) with centres in Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Hull using common protocols and guidelines, and sharing audits and multi-disciplinary team meetings.

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