Learning Disability and Autism

Learning Disability and Autism

People with Learning Disabilities and Autism can have an increase in complex health needs that can go unrecognised and unmet: this can impact on the life expectancy as well as quality-of-life.

We are committed to providing a responsive service that recognises the needs of those patients who may be disadvantaged in accessing care and treatment due to disability or other health inequalities.

Acute hospital learning disabilities liaison nurses

We have Learning Disability Liaison Nurses at; Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby and Scunthorpe General Hospital.

Our working hours are Mon – Fri, 08:30 – 16:30.

Our team

The learning disability liaison nurses help support people with learning disabilities and autism, and their families and carers across the hospitals.

They work clinically with patients every day, as well as ensuring that staff are given advice and support so that reasonable adjustments can be made to patient care. They play a critical role in raising the profile and status of people with learning disabilities and autism when attending a hospital.

The learning disability liaison nurse can help with the following:

  • communication advice
  • pre-admission and discharge planning
  • desensitisation planning
  • carer support and advice
  • facilitation of any patient appointment
  • accessible information development
  • Advice and support or reasonable adjustments

If you need to contact the team, please enlist the help of the following:

Rachel Greenbeck
Senior Nurse- Vulnerabilities
03033 303549
Lead nurse Trustwide
Emma Watts
Acute Hospital Learning Disability Liaison Nurse
03033 303355
Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital Grimsby
Charlotte Simpson
Acute Hospital Learning Disability Liaison Nurse
03033 306175
Scunthorpe General Hospital


Tell us if you have a Learning Disability

We need to know someone has a Learning Disability and can put this on the hospital computer system. If you would like to have your name on the hospital computer alert system you can tell the staff when you arrive at the hospital or tell the Learning Disability Liaison Nurse and team.


My Life healthcare passport

Below is a link to My Life healthcare passport. You can complete it and bring a copy with you into hospital to give to the doctors and nurses looking after you. It gives them important information about you; including any reasonable adjustments you need and help make sure that all your needs are met. Access the My Life document.



How was your experience?

Tell us about your hospital stay or procedure as it will help us to make our services better. You can do this by speaking to the Learning Disability Liaison Nurses or by filling in one of the forms below and sending it to us.

Friends & Family test
Survey for carers of patients with Learning Disabilities
PALS page for information about compliments and complaints

Getting it right

We want to improve our service for people with Learning Disabilities and Autism. We are signed up to the Mencap Getting it Right Charter: the Charter is a list of things that everyone agrees to do.

Copy of the Mencap Charter

Treat me well 

NLAG as a trust has joined the Treat Me Well campaign which was set up in 2018 by Mencap. This campaign is aimed to improve treatment and recognise some overshadowed conditions in people with Learning disabilities within acute settings. Learn more about Mencap Treat Me Well campaign.

Easy read information 

The Easy Health website has lots of health information that is easy to understand that uses easy words and pictures. The Learning Disability Liaison Nurses have a wide range of easy read materials available also. Visit www.easyhealth.org.uk

Procedural Easy Read

Colonoscopy Leaflet – Easy Read
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy– Easy Read
A Guide to Gastroscopy– Easy Read