Library service

The Trust library service provides membership to Trust staff of all grades and students on placement. You can join the library if not in these categories at the discretion of the librarian and for a small fee.

The wide range of resources and expertise available will allow all members to locate the information or resource they require quickly and efficiently (and in most cases for free) using an inter library loan facility. Whether it’s for patient care or for research purposes, if the information professional on site doesn’t have the answer they will know how or where to find it.

Professional staff can conduct mediated literature searches on your behalf, and offer training in navigating the various medical and health databases available in order to locate the evidence you need. They can also help set up alerts so you never need to miss updates in your speciality again, saving you valuable time.

With over 14,000 items of book stock, electronically where available, we cover a wide range of subjects from bereavement counselling to otolaryngology. With 24 hour access available and self-issue machines operating at both Scunthorpe and Grimsby hospitals we offer a flexible way for you and your staff/colleagues to keep up to date with your areas of interest and specialties, while offering a quiet space for study and reflection. A suite of computers is available at each site allowing members access to the internet for both professional and personal development. An online catalogue is available for you to check library holdings from the comfort of your own office (intranet only) meaning you can check title availability quickly and conveniently.

The library service is accredited by the NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF) England which builds upon the quality assurance tools that have been used to assess the quality of NHS library/knowledge services. The service has increased its compliance rating year on year since the introduction of the framework meaning you can be confident we will fulfil all your information needs.

We also administer NHS OpenAthens accounts which enable users to access thousands of ejournal articles, ebooks and other resources paid for nationally by the NHS and locally by the service.

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