Nutrition and dietetics

Nutrition and dietetics is the professional study of nutrition and how it applies medically to health and disease. Our dietitians work with patients with acute and chronic illnesses within our hospitals and out in the community. They use dietary manipulation and food to treat disease and optimise health.

Unlike nutritionists, dietitians must be qualified in their field as a registered HPC and this title is legally protected within the medical profession. Nutritionists or nutritional therapists may offer advice on diet or nutrition however any training or professional practice that they have may be unregulated.

Dietitians have many important roles in health care and our staff work closely with other specialties to provide comprehensive care to patients suffering with illnesses such as, diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal illnesses, eating disorders and cancer. We also carry out extensive work with the children’s centre to enable healthier eating and cooking skills.

Dietitians provide:

  • Nutritional support: using normal food with extra calories and nutrients added or specialist nutrition products to supplement or replace normal food and drinks in malnourished patients. Some may require feeding tubes
  • Therapeutic diets: eating more of or the avoidance of certain foods can help to control a patient’s symptoms, improving their quality of life
  • Advice on nutritional issues to various committees including the nutrition strategy group
  • Education: our staff are committed to educating other health professionals through training.

Hospital service

Every ward has an allocated dietitian responsible for all dietetic services to that area and once patients are referred to a dietitian by a member of ward staff we aim to see you within 24 hours. All of the qualified dieticians wear black or navy trousers or skirts and a white tunic with a light blue stripe on the collar and sleeves. The tunic will also have our light blue nutrition and dietetics logo on it.

General dietetic outpatient clinics are available which include nutritional support, in addition to the specialist areas of paediatrics, diabetes, gastroenterology, weight management, chronic obstructive airways disease (COPD) and oncology.

Children’s Dietitians

Our paediatric dietitians are actually part of the Children’s Therapy service


Community service

We strive to improve the health and wellbeing of people in North East Lincolnshire by promoting healthier eating through practical and initiative interventions. As dedicated dietitians, nutritionist and food workers the team work together to promote healthy eating and lifestyle for all members of the community: babies, children and adults. Their practical, hands on approach and guidance enables people to make informed decisions about their own and their families’ eating habits and attitudes towards food.

We work closely with North East Lincolnshire Council children’s centres and have developed tailored cookery sessions for:

  • Healthy eating during pregnancy
  • Promoting Healthy Start
  • How to wean your baby safely
  • Helping with those older fussy eaters.

Local children’s centres also support our delivery for our weight management service by enabling us to deliver our balance your lifestyle course. The aim is to help parents manage their weight between or after a pregnancy.

The team is always on hand to offer advice and support so contact us for any further information.

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