Sleep and Fatigue

Fatigue is a very personal experience and can mean different things for different people. Fatigue is a very common problem for people with health and neurological conditions.

    This can be for a number of reasons. For example:

  • The healing process – recovering from surgery, going through treatment, rehabilitation after an injury or illness can all leave a person with less energy than they would normally have.
  • Sleep – disturbed sleep because of pain, medication, illness mean that people do not get their usual rest so they can feel exhausted in the morning.
  • Pain – whether this is short-term or long-term pain, this can drain resources. Also, medication for pain can leave people feeling drowsy.
  • Medication – common side-effects include fatigue.
  • Depression – fatigue is often experienced by people when they have feelings of depression. It can be difficult to feel motivated or that you have the energy to do things you enjoyed previously.

All of these factors may be familiar to you. Sometimes only one or two are. These factors can be worse or better with each new day. This means your fatigue can change day to day.
Some people find their fatigue makes them feel physically tired. Others find it makes them feel “foggy”, “muddled” or like they cannot think clearly. Sometimes, it can be both.
Often, when people have fatigue and are not able to do as much anymore, they can put pressure on themselves to “catch-up” when they feel better. Unfortunately, this means we push ourselves too hard and can then “pay the price” with worse fatigue the following day or days. This cycle can make feelings around fatigue and medical conditions worse. This is called the “Boom/Bust Cycle”.
Sleep is an important factor to think about for fatigue. If we do not get good sleep, then we feel more tired. Sometimes you can get overtired, and then find it hard to sleep.
There are different stages of sleep. We need each stage to have good sleep and to feel rested when we wake up.

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Sometimes we get into bad habits which mean our sleep gets worse and worse. Some little changes can change this and mean we get a good nights sleep.

Coping strategies for fatigue

Coping strategies for sleep