Publication scheme

Our publication scheme helps you find commonly requested information which is published about the Trust.

1. Who we are and what we do

a. Trust organisational structure
b. About the Trust (includes hospital addresses, annual reports and key information)
c. Contact information
d. Trust constitution
e. Statement of purpose
f. Annual governance statement
g. Board of directors
h. Quality accounts

2. What we spend and how we spend it

a.Annual reports and accounts
b. Spend over £25k

3. What our priorities are and how we are doing

a. Annual reports and financial statements
b. Operational plan
c. Annual plan
d. Care Quality Commission Reports
e. Trust Strategic Plan 2019-2024
f. Other Trust strategies

4. How we make decisions

a. Committee structure
b. Clinical effectiveness strategy
c. Council of Governors
d. Council of Governors engagement policy
e. Governor meetings

5. Our policies and procedures

a. Patient administration

i. Referral to treatment access policy
ii. Policy-for-consent-or-examination-or-treatment
iii.Health records management strategy
iv. Non-clinical records management strategy
v. Data Protection and confidentiality policy
vi. Destruction and retention – clinical records strategy

b. Governance

i. Health and safety Policy
ii. Serious incident policy (clinical and non-clinical)
iii.Incident reporting policy
iv. Introducing new surgical or other procedures policy
vi. Falls prevention policy

c. IM&T

i. Information security policy
ii. Information governance policy
iii. Data quality policy

d. Facilities

i. Car parking and traffic management policy
iii.Hospitality policy
iv.Trust’s travel plan

e. Human resources

i. Workforce Race Equality Standard
ii. Staff survey results
iii.General disciplinary policy
iv. Bullying and harassment policy
v. Dress, Appearance and Uniform Policy
vi. Privacy and Dignity Policy

f. Complaints

i. NHS complaints procedure
ii. Trust complaints procedure

g. Communications

i. Advertising policy

6. Lists and Registers

a. Register of Directors Interest February 2021
b. Register of Governor Interests – March 2021
c. Decision Making Staff Declarations – 19-20 – Interests, Hospitality, Sponsorship & Gifts

7. The Services we offer

a. Services A-Z

b. Media releases