Wi-Fi and networks

We know how important staying connected is. Whether you are visiting a patient or coming to one of our sites for work purposes, you’ll find details below for how to get online.


Free Wi-Fi for staff, patients and visitors is now available across all of our hospitals and community sites. The network is called “NHS Wi-Fi” and will allow connection to the internet however streaming is restricted.

People can connect to NHS Wi-Fi by using a Facebook or Twitter account or via their mobile phone number.

There is no technical support available from the Trust but a list of frequently asked questions are below.

Frequently asked questions

How do I connect?

You will need to find the ‘NHS Wi-Fi’ network and connect your device
Some devices will present the registration page, others will re-direct the user to the registration page when you attempt to browse a website.
On the registration page you have a choice to register using Facebook, Twitter or your mobile phone number. Once you are registered the system starts a three day use period during which you can reconnect at any time without being prompted. Beyond 3 days the system with ask for your details once again.

What can I use NHS Wi-Fi for?

NHS Wi-Fi is currently a basic service to allow you to keep in touch using messages and browse webpage content, look up health information and update your social media. Commercial streaming media is currently restricted but video calling is available.

What’s the signal like?

The Wi-Fi coverage extends to most areas of the Trust and is constantly reviewed and enhanced.

Why are some sites blocked?

NHS WiFi uses a filtering system to ensure people aren’t accessing inappropriate material while using the service. Subjects typically included gambling, pornography, violence and proxy services. All access is logged and the Trust reserves the right to block access if users are found to be abusing the service. NHS WiFi activity is monitored by the Trusts service provider and any illegal activity will be subject to formal investigation and potential criminal proceedings.

How does login work and what data is held by the NHS Wi-Fi system?

Staff, patients and visitors connecting to the NHS Wi-Fi system are required to log into the service using their social media login or provide their mobile phone number to receive a text message.
Social media account details are directly and securely verified with Facebook or Twitter to identify the user. Parents or guardians would take responsibility for the authentication of their children’s devices
Once a user is verified, only the social media login name is stored in the system, along with access logs. This is required for the purposes of anonymous statistics gathering and providing an audit log in case of abuse. Details are stored for 12 months and then automatically deleted from the system. The system is compliant with the NHS WI-FI Technical and Security Policies and Guidelines which applies across the NHS. No data is disseminated to Third Parties, except where required to by law.


The Trust has signed up to Govroam, a wifi network that works across numerous public sector locations across the UK. It’s available to staff from other participating organisations.

Your device should connect automatically once you’re on site. If you experience any issues with the connection please contact your organisation’s IT service desk.

Further information is available via the Govroam website.