We depend on the skills and professionalism of our staff and each year we recognise and celebrate their outstanding achievements through our staff awards ceremony, Our Stars.

Our Stars 2017

Winners revealed

We are proud to reveal the winner of Our Stars 2017.
View our gallery of 2017 winners here:

Compassion in Practice Award

– Aimed at our clinical staff this award seeks to recognise those who put our patients’ needs first at all times. Someone caring, compassionate and dedicated who excels in providing high standards of care.

Isabel Lamb, staff nurse on ward 18 at Scunthorpe hospital

Unsung Hero Award

– There are many roles in our ‘back office functions’ that deserve recognition. The unsung hero award is for that special person who makes a difference day-in, day-out but goes largely unnoticed.

James Wilson, medical electronics, Grimsby

The Achiever Award

– Each team has one, the ‘get things done’ person. The achiever is a vital cog in the wheel and always delivers, no matter what. They often exceed expectations and give their all to ensure deadlines are met. They get things done, on time, every time.

Garry Cowling, ward manager, Scunthorpe

The Innovator Award

– The innovator is someone who succeeds at making changes to clinical practice. They could have redesigned services, pushed the boundaries on a research project or just brought those light bulb moments to life. We can all have good ideas, but the innovator makes them a reality.

Dr Namita Singh

Rising Star Award

– From somebody taking their first tentative steps of their NHS career to the subject expert in the team who’s come from outside the organisation. This award recognises newcomers to the Trust who have already made a difference and are set for a bright future.

Dr Odunlami

Sparkle Award for volunteers

– We rely on our volunteers for many things; from that friendly face when visitors arrive on site to managing the patient library, helping out on the wards and in the chapel. This is our small way of recognising and thanking them for their outstanding contribution.

Chplaincy volunteers, Grimsby

Team of the Year Award (non-clinical)

– Are you proud of your team? Have you and your colleagues excelled this year? Perhaps you’ve exceeded expectations or maybe you just work together exceptionally well and would like to see that recognised.

Linen team

Team of the Year Award (clinical multidisciplinary team)

– As above but for clinical MDTs

Podiatry team DPOW

Health Tree Foundation Charity Champion Award

– This award recognises the wonderful contribution that our charity fundraisers make. They raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Trust, via the Health Tree Foundation, which makes a huge difference to the working lives of staff and patient care.

Clinical Supervisor of the year

– This award recognises clinical supervisors who have used their exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subject area to engage training grade doctors imaginatively and effectively. Their passion and creativity ensures the highest quality of teaching and inspires their students to achieve their true potential.

Dr J Gondwe

Safety First Award

– This award recognises those teams or individuals who demonstrate that patient safety is of paramount importance to the Trust. We’re looking for those who have implemented safety initiatives that have reduced avoidable harm to patients, people that listen, learn and act on patient feedback.

Miss Mariya Mohammed

Quality Improvement Award

– This award highlights best practice by celebrating those individuals or teams who have implemented a unique quality improvement project, in a clinical or non-clinical setting, that has made a real impact on our services.

Chris Best, theatres, SGH

Apprentice of the Year Award

– This award is for the apprentice who shines the brightest. This person forms outstanding relationships with colleagues as demonstrated throughout their work but also how they have become an indispensable member their team.

Georgia Whitelaw

The Flying the Flag Award

– This award recognises a staff member who has championed the Trust and done their bit to put NLaG on the map; whether it be by representing the Trust on a national scale or improving the reputation of the Trust locally.

Helen Yewdall

Patient’s Choice Award

– Every year we ask our patients and their families to tell us about their heroes, the staff members who made a real difference to their experience, those that created a lasting positive impact.

Miss Jenny Smith

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