We depend on the skills and professionalism of our staff and each year we recognise and celebrate their outstanding achievements through our staff awards ceremony, Our Stars.

We believe in recognising the contribution of each member of our team and highlighting their achievements which is vital in boosting staff morale. Our annual staff awards ceremony is a night of celebration where we showcase the innovation and dedication of our patient focused staff.

Our Stars 2019 took place on Friday 1 November at The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe.

Our main event sponsor for 2019 is Amvale Ltd.

2019 winners

Congratulations to all of the Our Stars 2019 winners!

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Kindness Award 

Winner: Vicky Foster

Vicky is kind and caring, always putting everyone before herself – no matter how busy she or the department is. Every shift she will go above and beyond – she even has her own tool maintenance kit for little repairs. for the A&E department, combining several different jobs but always happy and smiling. Every shift she will make hot drinks for all the staff, especially when ECC are too busy for breaks. She never moans and is always happy and smiling


Courage Award

Winner: Bev Allison

​As a medicines management nurse, Bev is often the first person asked when advice is required for medicine related issues. She understands the pressures faced by frontline colleagues as well as the statutory and good practice requirements we must adhere to. She will not compromise on the values we expect and supports staff to understand the reason behind the policy and process. Bev has demonstrated that she has the strength and courage to stand up when changes are required to ensure patients receive the care we would expect for ourselves and our loved ones. She always supports necessary improvements to ensure issues that could affect patient safety, receive due consideration.

Respect Award

Winner: Donna Higgins

​Donna has entered the role with enthusiasm and an eagerness to improve the knowledge and skills of staff within the DPOW critical care units. With her help HDU have made significant changes and progress in areas such as documentation and delirium screening. Donna also offers support outside of the critical care areas when it is requested and facilitates numerous study days for specific wards and areas of mandatory training such as ALERT and simulation training. Nothing is too much trouble for her, she is an asset to her team.

Quality Improvement Award

Winner: Lissa Binnoy and Khine Aung

They trained to inject a drug that which has previously been given by doctors. This has helped to improve the waiting times and has created a caring and relaxed environment for patients. The service has transformed the patient experience, where once the patient spent half a day as an inpatient and had to go to theatre for a procedure they are now allocated a time slot in a clinic environment. Both work quickly and efficiently, in a friendly manner. Patients often comment on what excellent care and service they have received.

Clinical Service Redesign Award

Winner: Acute Therapy Team (Orthopaedics)

This Team has changed the way it works moving to seven day working to benefit patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

This move has already seen a reduction in the length of (LoS) stay for patients. Average LoS has been reduced from 5.2 days to 3.8. It means patients can expect to go home as early as the day after their planned surgery.

It’s also benefiting patients who have had fractures who may have had to stay in hospital over a weekend waiting to see therapy staff on Monday; this is no longer the case. The team aim to achieve a three day LoS within a year.


Unsung Hero Award

Winner: Richard Gleadhill

There are many roles in our ‘back office functions’ that deserve recognition. The unsung hero award is for that special person who makes a difference day-in, day-out but goes largely unnoticed.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Winner: Headway Salon volunteers

Amazing, tight knot team of volunteers who work behind the scenes helping to make a massive difference to patients’ confidence.

Hidden away in a corner of the outpatients department at Scunthorpe hospital is an oasis of comfort, help and support. The Headway salon doesn’t shout out about what it does, but for some people it is a real life changer. As we are all aware lots of people undergoing cancer treatment, lose their hair. For many people – especially women – this can have a devastating impact on their confidence and the way they feel. The salon provides an invaluable service in helping people choose wigs, as well as showing people how to tie head scarves. The tight knit volunteers offer help for patients, as well as their families. The service they provide is done with compassion, respect, dignity and always with a smile on their faces. It is a real inspiration

Team of the Year Award

Winner: Children’s Community Team – Trustwide

The community team as a whole have enabled children to be discharged home early from hospital and have reduced admissions, also carrying out nursing procedures in the community, allowing the child to feel safe and secure in familiar surroundings when they are so poorly and so vulnerable. They provide a link between patients and care providers at hospitals out of area, and are happy to go above and beyond to ensure all of their patients receive the best care and support possible. As well as providing a service for long term patients, they will also receive referrals for patients who have been acutely unwell, and may need some follow up care after admission to the children’s ward. They support their families/carers, to feel confident themselves in managing a long term chronic condition, and this can be done with regular home visits and progressing onto providing training to parents for some medical interventions such as administration of medication or care and management of a feeding device.


Staff Star Award

Winner: Chloe Bass

Chloe is a joy to work with, when you think of the word nurse, Chloe is a shining example of everything a nurse should be. Chloe is the perfect person for this award as she truly lights up a room the minute she walks in. Chloe always has a smile and keeps the team going with her positive attitude at the same time, being the type of nurse you would want to care for your loved one.

Chloe is so compassionate and caring, spends time to chat to her patients and their relatives with her genuine kindness shining through every single day. Even of the toughest of days at some point, Chloe will make you smile, laugh, give you a hug or cry with you. Her kindness, compassion and the ability to lift our spirits needs to be celebrated.

Leader of the Year Award

Winner: Darren Bartlett

He became our manager in January 2019 and since joining the team he has not only motivated all the staff to the point that we all enjoy coming to work but the dedication he has towards the patients is second to none. He has shown true courage, calm, innovation and leadership to drive improvements and to build a team who are not only proud in what they do but also who have proven they can improve the service and themselves. The morale and work ethic in this store has never been better.

Excellence in Learning Award

Winner: Lauren McCluskey

Lauren has worked tirelessly to promote pathology services within Lioncolnshire. She has organised many CPD Events, been instrumental in guiding many university students through work based portfolios, whilst at the same time Studying for an Msc, and a management award, as well as being highly involved in the successful accreditation by UKAS. She has also become a National Assessor for the IBMS. Lauren has encouraged staff to produce A high standard of work at all times, and, although may be seen to be a bit ‘hyper-critical’ at times, the results of her efforts are plain to see. She is a brilliant ambassador for Path Links.

Patient’s Choice Award

Winner: Pasha Siddiqui

“I have been under Pasha’s care for a number of years now and during this time he has gone above and beyond. He continually makes a difference and has created a lasting positive impact on not only my life, but those around me. I have Iritis which we struggle to manage, so I am a frequent visitor to Ophthalmology. He listens, understands, advises and ensures that I receive the best possible care. I love his sense of humour, his compassion and understanding – to be honest for the want of better words he is truly amazing. You only have to sit in the waiting room and listen to other patients who are under his care and they feel exactly the same as I do.”

Chief Executive’s Shining Star Award

Winner: Vicky Page-Chestney

Chairman’s Brightest Star Award

Winner: Alex Bell

Health Tree Foundation Charity Champion Award

Winner: Mike Croft, Grimsby Cars

Mike has been such a fantastic, caring and generous supporter of the charity for a number of years. He helps to raise thousands of pounds every year for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Grimsby hospital via a charity football match. A massive thank you to Mike and his team, they truly are Health Tree Heroes raising over £13,000 making an incredible difference.

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