We depend on the skills and professionalism of our staff and each year we recognise and celebrate their outstanding achievements through our staff awards ceremony, Our Stars.

Our Stars 2019 will take place on Friday 1 November at The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe.

We believe in recognising the contribution of each member of our team and highlighting their achievements which is vital in boosting staff morale. Our annual staff awards ceremony is a night of celebration where we showcase the innovation and dedication of our patient focused staff.

Our main event sponsor for 2019 is Amvale Ltd.

Award Categories

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Kindness Award

We believe kindness is shown through compassion, courtesy, professionalism and caring for others as we would care for our own loved ones. This award recognises the person or team who embodies kindness in everything they do.

Courage Award

The courage and strength to stand up and do the right thing is core to rebuilding our Trust. This award recognises that person or team who has the determination to challenge and make changes which benefit others.

Respect Award

The respect award seeks to recognise a real team player; someone who encourages and motivates everyone to get involved, who is open and honest and takes the time to recognise the achievements of others.

Quality Improvement Award

This award is for those who never who rest on their laurels. This is for the person or team who continually improves the quality and safety of their services in either a clinical or non-clinical setting.

Clinical Service Redesign Award

This category is for those who have developed and redesigned services for the benefit of patients. That could be a new model of care or a change to a patient pathway. Outcomes could be more accessible services or care delivered closer to home, outside of the traditional hospital setting.

Unsung Hero Award

There are many roles in our ‘back office functions’ that deserve recognition. The unsung hero award is for that special person who makes a difference day-in, day-out but goes largely unnoticed.

Volunteer of the Year Award

We rely on our volunteers for many things; from that friendly face when visitors arrive on site to managing the patient library, helping out on the wards and in the chapel. This is our small way of recognising and sincerely thanking them for their outstanding contribution.

Team of the Year Award

In recognition of that outstanding team who work exceptionally well together to deliver an exemplary service even at times of extreme operational pressure … this is the ‘can do’ team!

Staff Star Award

This award allows staff to say to a very special member of the team ‘Thank you for being you!’ This is the person that walks in the room and lights it up for no reason other than being themselves. It’s the person who motivates their colleagues, lifts everyone’s spirits and generally brightens people’s days.

Leader of the Year Award

In recognition of an inspiring leader who motivates and encourages colleagues to bring about change, improvement or innovation. The nominee does not have to be a senior manager within the Trust simply as we find leadership in all teams, at all levels.

Excellence in Learning Award

A member of the team who’s studying alongside work to improve service delivery and/or patient care. For all staff who are studying on the Trusts apprenticeship programmes or traditional courses in higher or further education

Patient’s Choice Award

Every year we ask our patients and their families to tell us about their heroes, the person who made a real difference at their time of need, improved their experience and created a lasting positive impact.

Chief Executive’s Shining Star Award

Each year our Chief Executive chooses a very special member of our team who has shone the brightest over the past twelve months. The Chief Executive’s Shining Star is the person the rest of the team admires and aspires to become.

No finalists. Winner to be revealed on the night
Chairman’s Team of the Year Award

The Chairman’s Team of the Year is for that extra special team who have, through sheer determination, perhaps at times of adversity, delivered outstanding services throughout the year.

No finalists. Winner to be revealed on the night
Health Tree Foundation Charity Champion Award

This award recognises the wonderful contribution that our charity fundraisers make. They raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Trust which makes a huge difference to the working lives of staff and patient care.

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