Scunthorpe nurse praises colleagues who saved her life

A Scunthorpe hospital nurse has given her heartfelt thanks to her colleagues for saving her life and that of her baby girl.

A family standing around a baby in a room

Rose pictured with Catherine Rose and her family.

Rose Jimmichen, a theatre practitioner at Scunthorpe hospital, became critically ill with COVID-19 when she was just 29 weeks pregnant.

She was rushed to A&E and spent the night on the Central Delivery Suite but her condition deteriorated and struggling to breathe she was moved to intensive care.

Rose, 37, was in intensive care for two weeks over Christmas, and says it was terrifying: “Luckily, I don’t remember the worst days when I was in intensive care. It wasn’t a nice experience and it was terrifying. The theatre staff text me and the ICU staff were so positive. They talked to me so much and helped me psychologically to recover quickly. My husband and boys were so worried but it’s amazing how my friends supported them throughout. Christmas time was horrible but my colleagues and Connect Church arranged Christmas presents and food for my boys which relieved me my husband so much.”

Baby Catherine Rose was delivered prematurely, 11 weeks early, by emergency C-section and was transferred to NICU. Staff arranged regular video calls so Rose could be kept up-to-date with her daughter’s progress and see her. Rose credits their care for how well Catherine Rose is doing now.

She said: “I owe my life to them and I am so proud of my colleagues and the Trust; we have a wonderful team of staff here, and I am proud to be part of this amazing team. Everyone is doing such a fantastic job during these difficult times.”

“I want to give a big salute to our Scunthorpe hospital NHS staff from me and my family and a big thank you from bottom of our heart.”

Rose says there are too many staff to thank by name as she was cared for many departments including staff on ward 22, ward 23, ICU, A&E, Central Delivery Suite, Anaesthetics, Physiotherapy and the Obstetrics and Gynaecology team. But she would like to give a special mention to Dr Ramesh Manohar and his Anaesthetics team, Amanda Holmes and her ICU team, Dr Nauman and Dr Joseph and all her colleagues in theatres including Chris, Sue and Brenda, Caroline, Jackie and the rest of the midwifery team, Freya and the Physiotherapy team, Ms Mohammed and the Obstetrics and Gynaecology team, Dr Varadan and the team in NICU and their friends in Scunthorpe.

She added: “All our staff deserve recognition; everyone worked so hard, they were so busy yet they were always happy to help, they explained everything to me and some even cancelled plans to cover shifts on Christmas day.”

Zoe Huteson, operational matron for surgery and critical care, said: “Caring for one of your colleagues when they are so ill is tough on the whole team, but when you consider that Rose was pregnant as well, it made it all the more emotional for everyone.

“It was such a relief and wonderful news when Rose and her daughter were both well enough to go home.”

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