Core rehabilitation

The core rehabilitation service is a joint partnership between the Trust and the Care Plus Group. A range of therapy services are provided out in the community by occupational therapists and physiotherapists with the aim of helping people maintain their independence.

The team see patients who have recently been in hospital or discharged from residential homes and need extra help and support with daily activities. They carry out assessments and provide interventions to help people maintain their independence so they can stay at home and care after themselves as much as possible. Each person’s ability to cope with their daily activities differs and by looking at all your daily activities we can get a picture of your overall ability to cope.

The team:

  • Work with local authorities to offer minor and major house adaptations eg stair lifts
  • Loan equipment including hoists, shower seats and commodes
  • Provide moving and handling solutions for children and adults with a primary physical disability
  • Provide teaching and training in the use of equipment, moving and handling techniques and therapeutic interventions.

They also work in partnership with other teams based in the community such as rapid response and hospital-based physiotherapists.


All referrals are through a single point of access via (01472) 256 256.

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Core rehabilitation service

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