Community matrons

Community matrons are highly experienced senior nurses who work closely with patients in the community those with a chronic long term unstable condition. They produce an agreed maintenance plan in collaboration with the patient, to manage episodes of deterioration in health and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.

As well as providing nursing care, community matrons act as case managers. They are a single point of contact for the patients on their caseload offering support or advice. They are independent prescribers and typically hold a caseload of around 50 patients.

These highly-skilled nurses have a variety of tasks and responsibilities, including:

  • Carrying out physical examinations
  • Deciding on and carrying out treatment, including the prescribing or medicines, or referring patients to an appropriate specialist
  • Using their expert knowledge and clinical judgement to identify the potential diagnosis and where appropriate make a final diagnosis
  • Using their extensive practice experience to plan and provide skilled and competent care that meets patients’ health and social care needs, involving other members of the healthcare team as appropriate
  • Ensuring the provision of continuity of care, including follow-up visits
  • Assessing and evaluating, with patients, the effectiveness of the treatment and care provided and make changes as needed.


Referrals are via other health professionals ie GPs, specialist nurses and district nurses.

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Our teams work as part of integrated health and social care teams in five localities:
Cluster 1: The Isle team based at Epworth Health centre – (01427) 871188
Cluster 2: Scunthorpe South team based at Duchess House Scunthorpe – (01724) 331102
Cluster 3: Scunthorpe North team based at Duchess House Scunthorpe
Cluster 4: Brigg and Kirton team based at The Angel Brigg – (01724) 296156
Cluster 5: Barton and Winterton Locality team based at Providence House Barton – (01724) 296981.