Maternity (obstetrics)

We are no longer allowing partners/family members in antenatal clinics, scans or any other appointments at the antenatal day unit until further notice. If you are due to come in for one of these appointments, please come alone. The only exception is the 20 week scan where one partner is now allowed to attend with you.

Please note that we have temporary restrictions in place for visiting in light of Coronavirus.

Visiting at hospitals in Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole is now only allowed in exceptional circumstances. Please click the link above for more information.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to review visiting and birth partners accompanying women in labour. One birth partner can accompany for the labour and birth. Birth partners will then be asked to leave after spending some time together after the birth.

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

From the moment you find out you are pregnant your life is going to change. Our aim is to work in partnership with you and your family throughout your pregnancy, birth and afterwards, to offer you all of the services and support you will need. Our dedicated team of staff offer a range of services both in hospital and out in the community and we have been recognised nationally for our low caesarean section rates

Expecting a baby can be an exciting but daunting time and it’s not always planned. Our staff at Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Goole hospitals are here to help with the decision making at every step of your pregnancy journey.

Just found out you’re pregnant?

Baby's Healthcare
Your local midwifery team will be a great help to you throughout your pregnancy, ensuring you have access to all the information and clinical support you need to give your baby the best start in life. If you have done a pregnancy test and it is positive the next step is to contact a midwife as soon as possible, preferably before eight weeks into the pregnancy.

You can contact your local midwife direct, you don’t need to see your GP first. In the majority of cases most women discover a pregnancy in the early stages and as a result can be seen before 12 weeks. It is important to be seen as soon as possible, no matter when you discover you are pregnant. The midwives will be able to discuss healthy eating and dietary supplements that are essential to start straight away for the health of your baby. Your midwife will also be able to give you other important advice on staying fit and well in your pregnancy. Book your first appointment by calling the relevant number below:

What if I decide I do not want to go through with the pregnancy?

We are able to offer all the emotional support that goes with this sort of decision and our termination services offer a discreet and professional environment that is non-judgemental.

After your first scan

When you have been for your first appointment and had your initial ultrasound scan we will provide you with detailed information on the next steps for your pregnancy. In most cases women are able to continue with their everyday life and are not in anyway hindered by their pregnancy. It is important to remember that pregnancy is not an illness and you try to continue as normally as possible, while adhering to the medical advice, such as not smoking and drinking alcohol.

Parentcraft preparation classes

Educational childbirth preparation classes are available for parents-to-be. Please discuss this with your named midwife who will arrange for you to enrol onto a class. These are run by our Parentcraft midwives or one of the midwives from our community team.

Classes are available for all pregnant ladies to attend however, early booking is advised to ensure dates of your choice. Topics covered include :

  • Comfort, back care and exercise in late pregnancy
  • Signs of labour and when to come to hospital
  • Natural coping strategies
  • Stages of labour including pain relief options
  • Assisting your partner in labour
  • Variations of a normal delivery including Caesarean section
  • Introduction to breastfeeding
  • Life after birth.

Get the flu jab

Protect yourself and your unborn baby from flu. We offer the vaccination to pregnant women during their routine appointments at the antenatal clinic, or you can make a special appointment for the jab if you wish by calling (01724) 290168 for the Scunthorpe antenatal clinic or (01472) 875248 for Grimsby.

Your pregnancy journey

Midwifery led care

Your first appointment will be with a midwife who will complete an assessment interview of your needs. Midwives will then make ongoing assessments as your pregnancy continues. Once you go into labour you will be cared for by midwives working on the delivery suite if you are booked for a hospital birth, or by midwives from the community team if you have requested a home birth.

The complete midwifery package includes all antenatal appointments with the midwives, ultrasound scans and all routine blood tests as required. The midwives are available on-call 24 hours a day for advice.

Maternity team care

Maternity team care is provided for those women for whom midwifery led care is not advised. This could be for a number of reasons which your midwives will discuss with you at the time of your first appointment. With this package of care you will be seen by an obstetric team following your initial assessment, and this will be undertaken at the hospital that you plan to deliver in. An individualised care plan will be explained to you but this will include all of the ultrasound scans and routine blood tests as required. Once you go into labour you will be cared for by the maternity team within the hospital, and this will include midwives and doctors. There is a consultant obstetrician available 24 hours a day. For those women who have certain pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes or epilepsy, we offer a joint clinic where there is a consultant obstetrician and physician present to manage your care. We also offer a dedicated fetal medicine clinic.

Going home after the birth

This will be discussed with you shortly after delivery and we aim to get you home as soon as possible after the birth. This can be as soon as six hours after the birth if events allow.

After you have gone home you will be seen by one of our midwives for at least the first 10 days following the birth of your baby, but this can be extended up to 28 days after the birth if required/ necessary. Visits will be discussed with yourself and may not be on a daily basis. The visits will generally be conducted at one of our community clinics, although sometimes it is necessary for us to visit you at home if there is an identified need. 24 hour support is offered via the hospital services and the midwives are available on-call for emergency situations.

Our service

We aim to provide a service that:

  • Encourages women to have as normal a pregnancy and birth as possible
  • Offers medical interventions only if they are to benefit the woman and/or her baby
  • Provides flexible, individualised services that are designed to fit around women and their baby’s journey through pregnancy and motherhood, recognising the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups
  • Provides midwifery and obstetric care that is based on providing good clinical and psychological outcomes for the woman and baby, whilst putting equal emphasis on helping parents prepare for parenthood.

Outstanding care from all midwives and all other medical teams. Throughout the difficulty of labour and its after effects, the care and sense of humour shown by the midwives has been second to none. Thank you for helping us welcome our little boy into the world!

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Our facilities

Whether you choose to have your baby at Scunthorpe, Grimsby or Goole our midwives will support you to make the decisions about what you want and need from your maternity care.


At Grimsby all of our maternity and children’s services are under one roof in the children and family services building. We offer an LDRP system of care; that’s labour, delivery, recovery and postnatal care in your own en-suite room. Partners are encouraged to stay overnight from delivery to support their partners and help take care of the baby. We also have a dedicated theatre, a family room, high dependency room, a room for disabled mums-to-be and a water birth room. This means that you will be able to have your baby in the same room that you are admitted to, in a home-from-home environment, which has proved hugely popular with families and partners who are actively encouraged to stay with the women through out their inpatient stay.


At Scunthorpe we have an antenatal clinic and assessment unit, a mixed ante and post natal ward including a transitional care area, central delivery suite which incorporates a dedicated obstetric theatre and has a birthing pool, and a neonatal intensive care unit.


The service at Goole is midwifery-led with a home-from-home delivery unit which has a delivery bed and birthing pool. The unit serves the East Riding area. Women who are classed as ‘high-risk’ are transferred to Scunthorpe for delivery.

Support for parents from the (Nursing and Midwifery Council leaflet) (276kb)
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