From a patient’s admission to the day they are discharged our pharmacy team manage their medicines.

On admission pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will reconcile patients’ medicines to ensure all medicines that a patient was taking prior to admission are prescribed on the inpatient chart, unless it has been decided to stop or change the prescription.


Pharmacy ward staff will talk to patients at the bedside to discuss their medication history and if they are experiencing any difficulties with their medication such as side effects. Medicines that patients bring into hospital with them are used during their inpatient stay.

This enables a more accurate drug history to be taken, ensures continuity of supply, allowing many patients to self-medicate with medicines they are familiar with and facilitates a faster discharge process.

New treatment is supplied labelled for use while in hospital and when they go home. Pharmacy ward staff will also provide counselling to patients started on any new medication to help patients make the best use of their medication.
This speeds up the discharge process resulting in a better patient’s experience. With all the patient’s regular medicines stored in their bedside medicines locker there is no need to dispense new medicines to take home, unless treatment is changed just before discharge.

Pharmacists support clinicians by reviewing prescribing to maximise the benefits and reduce the risk of harm from medicines use. Our specialist pharmacists provide expert advice on the prescribing and preparation of chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition and paediatric intravenous additives. These products are supplied ready to use by clinical staff having been prepared in our aseptic units or purchased as a special product.

Pharmacy staff ensure that medicines are supplied, distributed, stored and, if necessary, disposed of, in a legal, safe and timely way. Medicines are selected, purchased and distributed from the central pharmacy store at Scunthorpe General Hospital, ensuring local prescribing policies are adhered to, and that the best price is obtained by using national, regional or locally negotiated contracts.



We have also invested heavily in new technology such as robotic picking which has significantly improved the efficiency and safety of the dispensing process.

pharmacyFurther investment has been made in information technology to allow access to our systems at the patient’s bedside resulting in a more ‘personal’ Pharmacy service

The Medicines Information service provides advice and guidance relating to all aspects of medicines use to clinicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

The Trust has also entered into an innovative partnership with Lloyds pharmacy, who now dispense prescriptions from outpatient clinics, allowing a more familiar ‘community feel’ for patients. We have an onsite Lloyds pharmacy at all three hospitals in Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole.

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