Please let us know if you can’t make it to your appointment so we can offer it to somebody else. Missed appointments cost the NHS millions of pounds a year.

Last year patients didn’t turn up for 10 per cent of outpatient appointments at our hospitals, that’s more than 40,000 appointments that were wasted. Your appointment letter contains the number you need to call but if you can’t find your letter please find the relevant type of appointment below and the contact details.

Contact details for our appointments teams (53kb)
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Can’t make your appointment?

If you can’t make your appointment please let us know at least 48 hours before so that we can offer your slot to another patient.
Please make sure you select the correct speciality so we can direct your query to the right team.

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    Please enter the time of your appointment (24 hour clock).
  • Personal Details

  • Terms and Conditions

    1. I understand that if you change this appointment for me, that I will be contacted with a new date.
    2. I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the Transport Department to cancel and or re-book transport for my appointment.
    3. I understand that if you cancel this appointment and I did not request to be re-booked, I will be taken off the waiting list and no further dates will be offered to me. I understand that if I later change my mind that I will need to return to my GP for a new referral.

Community services

If you have an appointment in the community, outside of our hospitals, please contact your usual health professional.