Car parking

As parking on-site is limited we encourage staff, patients and visitors to use our popular Park and Ride service or public transport where possible.

There are 279 spaces for patients and visitors with three main car parks- two on the Church Lane side of the hospital and another in front of emergency centre / outpatients departments on the Cliff Gardens side.

When you arrive you’ll see electronic signs directing you to a car park with available spaces. When you drive into the car park your vehicle registration number is captured by the Automatic Number Plate Recognition barriers. When you are ready to leave the site please go to the pay station where you will need to enter your vehicle registration number.

Car park charges

Stay Current charges Charges from September 2018
Blue badge holders £2.00 fixed tariff  £2.00 fixed tariff
0-1 hours £2.10 £2.20
1 hour – 2 hours £3.60 £3.70
2 hours – 4 hours £4.10 £4.20
4 hours plus £4.60 £4.70
Lost ticket £4.60 £4.70
Day ticket £4.60 £4.70
Weekly ticket £23.00 £23.60
Long term ticket after first 7 days £4.60  £4.70

Pay stations are located by the main entrance on Church Lane, outside the emergency centre and outpatients on Cliff Gardens. Please make sure you bring change with you as our machines do not accept card payments. We do have a card payment option, if required, at the security and car park office which is located inside the emergency centre.


In addition to the daily, weekly and long term discounts above, some patients may also be entitled to further car parking concessions. Ward managers, or their deputies, can provide patients/visitors with a letter detailing the reason for the concession which will then be assessed by the security and car park team. Criteria for concessions include:

  • Cancer patients attending for a course of treatment.
  • Parents staying with a sick child overnight
  • Parents, guardians or next of kin staying for prolonged visits with a patient who is at the end of their life.

Those qualifying for an exemption will be issued with a temporary pass for up to seven days, but in exceptional circumstances the car park supervisor may at their discretion grant a pass for a longer period.

Blue Badge holders

Automatic number plate recognition barriers are now in operation on our car parks. If you wish to register your vehicle please email with your name, email address, blue badge number (and a copy of the blue badge) and your vehicle registration number. This will mean the barrier will recognise your number plate when you arrive on site, lift the barrier and then when you go to pay you will be charged at the blue badge holder fixed rate fee. You will need to know or make a note of your vehicle registration number as when you go to pay at the machine you will be asked for this.

 Park and Ride service from the town centre

new park and ride bus April 2016
Parking a headache? Take the Park and Ride service for just 50p each way. Park your car for FREE at the Parishes multi-storey car park in the town centre and catch the Hornsby n.o 9 bus from stand N in the bus station. Buses run from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday with a final bus leaving the hospital at 8pm. The service also operates on Saturdays. Please see timetable below.

Please note: patients and visitors need to register their car registration number with the shopmobility office on the ground floor of the Parishes car park. You can park on any of the floors in the car park apart from the internal ground floor level.

Disabled users can park anywhere within the Parishes car park and do not need to register with the shopmobility office.

The buses stop outside the outpatients entrance on Cliff Gardens and the main entrance on Church Lane. Normal concessions apply: bus passes accepted and under 5s are free.

Download the Park&Ride timetable (257kb)
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The Park and Ride service is just one of the initiatives under the Trust’s travel plan which aims to address the increased demand for car parking at its sites. The three year plan details what the Trust is planning to do to reduce car journeys to its three hospitals and how it can encourage staff, patients and visitors to use alternative modes of transport, such as cycling, walking and using public transport

Car parking policy (971kb)
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Why does the Trust charge for car parking?

The Trust has to provide parking for patients, visitors and staff and receives no central funding for this. If the Trust did not make a charge, the maintenance costs would have to be paid but would come from monies better spent on patient care.

Car parking policy (949kb)
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Trust travel plan (971kb)
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Trust sustainability plan (4mb)
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Whoosh app terms of service

Please see attached link for the Whoosh Terms of Service for Mobile Phone Payment, this service is independently provided to enable the additional payment function within our patient and visitor Car Parks.

Whoosh Terms of Service (23kb)
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